National Canadian Lawyers' Initiative

Lawyers giving back during life-changing times


This is the moment to significantly alter access to justice in Canada. The Covid-19 pandemic has been felt by every person and community in Canada and has catalysed change toward a universal system of access to justice. We are calling on all law students and all lawyers to step forward and help those in need.




About us


Thousands of Canadians urgently need help

Small business owners, freelancers, trades workers, farmers, artists, and professionals are struggling. People need help with reneged or about to be broken contracts, leases, loans, mortgages, lapsed or pending permits, employment rights and a myriad of complex legal obligations. The list is endless. People need expert direction, guidance, and legal support.


Mission & Purpose

Our mission is to ensure a universal system of access to justice. We aim to develop a virtual platform where access to internet equals access to justice. We connect law students to lawyers so we can together provide urgently needed legal advice and guidance to those in need.

There are thousands in need. Our intention is this will be a national Not-for-Profit, with a defined project life of 10 months, with operations in all provinces. This is a once in everyone’s lifetime opportunity: your time, the law, our virtual platform, our country.


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"I am calling on all law school alumni, friends, fellow lawyers, and everyone in their networks, to step up and make this happen. Service is what we owe to our families, our fellow citizens, and our nation."

– Alex Don | President, NCLI

"Saving lives and saving livelihoods. . . is the key to defeating the pandemic. We need to act together. It is a moment testing out humanity."

– Kristalina Georgieva | Managing Director, IMF

"The future of our economy and our country relies on the opportunities and support we provide to Canadian students today. To promote a sustainable economic recovery, we need a strong workforce and good job opportunities for young people. That means giving them the support they need to continue their studies and encouraging them to serve their communities. Together, we will get through this difficult time.”

– Justin Trudeau | Prime Minister of Canada

Seek Legal Help

Are you struggling with legal challenges due to the COVID19 pandemic? Questions needing solutions? Get paired up with a legal professional. Simple to complex issues, we have resources to help.

Enroll as a Student-at-Law

We are calling on all those privileged to have completed or nearing completion of law degrees as well as those who have recently completed their Articles of Clerkship to step forward and help.

Enroll as a Mentor

We are looking for lawyers from all across Canada to step forward and provide 1 to 5 hours of summary legal advice to those in need and mentorship to law students.

Make a Meaningful Impact

We have established a donation fund to help us finance and launch the National Canadian Lawyers’ Initiative. Your contribution will allow us to provide free legal advice and services to those affected by the COVID19 pandemic and economic shut down. Donate today to support NCLI.